Brooke Brei

I am an artist, art teacher, and maker. 

I'm most recently obsessed with art toys and make my own with my Glowforge laser cutter. However, I dabble in just about every media. My Instagram accounts are a great example of how versatile my artmaking can be. 

I love being the lone art teacher at Ponder High School in Ponder, TX! My classroom is choice-focused, so my students set their own goals for learning and artmaking. 

I will make most anything I can, from the practical to the fun. My last project started with a plumbing leak and ended with a newly tiled shower and a mural on my bathroom wall. 


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My entire Art 1 choice-focused curriculum is live and FREE to download! 

Plug and Play is a choice-focused student-paced curriculum designed for a high school Art 1 course. It is designed to provide a model that can be applied to any number of classrooms with relative ease by uploading it to any learning management system. 

Making Artists book review

My review of Purtee and Sands' second book on teaching secondary students using Choice-Based Art Education (CBAE) was recently published in the International Journal of Education Through Art. 

Click below to check out the review.

Click the book to the right for info on Making Artists.

First Experiences with Choice-Based Art Ed.

My article on exploring Choice-based art education was published in Texas Trends in  Art Education.

Réinventer Lego

My Lego Journals  were featured in a French book on Lego-based DIY.  

Wise County Art Association Scholarship 

Seniors Jacob Richey (left) and Laila Ali Lumas (right) each received a $1500 scholarship from the Wise County Art Association this year. There were only two of these awards given this year after a lengthy application that required students to write thoughtfully about their art. After submitting their applications, they participated in a face-to-face critique with a panel of WCAA representatives. I am so proud of their dedication to their craft and this accomplishment is well deserved. Several pieces from their portfolio will be on display at Trinity Street Coffee Bar in Decatur, TX through the first week in June 2021.

NAEA 21 Gaming Around Brooke Brei.mp4

NAEA 2021

Through my NAEA presentation this year I'm excited to be able to share an authentic learning experience during which my students created their own tabletop board games. Throughout this process they practiced skills in design, copyright, photo editing, digital drawing, and 3-D modeling, among others. 

Links in the presentation below will provide you with the actual lessons my students used as they worked through this process along with many other resources. 

If you use these resources with your own students, I'd love to see what they make! Feel free to tag me on Instagram or send me an email with any questions you may have. 

The presentation above has links to all the student lessons used in this project, but they are not able to be copied. If you'd like to view the lessons for information or to write your own version, use those links. 

If you would like to use my lessons as is, and making copies for your own students would be easier for you, please consider supporting me by buying me a coffee before using the link below. 

Interactive Art

When is art most fun? When it's interactive! Make artworks that sing, talk, or play sound effects when they're touched. Makey Makey allows you to control your computer using simple circuits you complete with your body. With Scratch, you can program your computer to make any sound on command.

Learn more here!

Talking Art Display

Displays in school hallways can get a bit dull. Most of the students don't look at them or give much thought to the work they create for them. I wanted to create a more engaging display that would require my AP Art students to speak thoughtfully about their artworks. This display uses a Makey Makey and Scratch to create a display that, when touched, plays recordings of the students talking about their work.

Check out how it was done HERE.