UNT CVAD Design Copyright 2017 Brooke Brei

In 2009, I graduated from UNT with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Visual Art Studies (art education). I also earned a Master of Arts in Art Education from UNT in 2021

Bridgeport ISD

BHS Bull Studio Design Copyright 2017 Brooke Brei

I taught PK-2 art at Bridgeport Elementary from spring of 2009 through the 2014/2015 school year before transferring to the high school where I taught Art 1 and Pre-AP/AP Art amongst various other things over the years.

Through an art curriculum aimed at teaching students to self-direct their own learning, my students set goals for themselves and work toward those goals by practicing skills, researching, planning, and creating artworks that reflect their personal interests, ideas, and experiences. This process fosters a growth mindset in my students, addresses the needs of every student, and provides them with the skills necessary to be successful in their educational career as well as their lives beyond the classroom. 

Ponder ISD

Ponder Art Design Copyright Brooke Brei

I'm so excited to be starting a new adventure teaching at Ponder ISD in the fall of 2021. I'll be their first full-time art teacher, and I'm thrilled to be able to develop their program and provide more opportunities for Ponder students to grow.

Professional Memberships

National Art Education Association - 2008 to Current

Texas Art Education Association - 2007 to Current


I share what I've learned any chance I get. I present at TIAcon in Denton every summer, along with TAEA most years, and I have been honored to be selected to present at the National Art Education Association convention a few times as well. Links to presentations can be found below. 


All Systems Go Conference

2023 - Student Paced Curriculum for Choice

Canvas Users Group Meeting

2022-Canvas for Student-Paced Curriculum


Wise County EdCamp (August/held 2014-2017)

2017-Practical Strategies for Student-Directed Learning

2016-Please Touch the Display

2015-Engage in Meaningful Learning Through Choice

2014-Thoughtful Engagement Through Choice: A Student-Directed Classroom in Action

BISD Full Day Training

(summer/offered 2012-2015)

2015-Expressions in Green

2015-Facing Your Technophobia

2014-Facing Your Technophobia

2013-Tech Prep

2012-21st Century Teaching: Learning Without Limits


District Summer PD

2023-Canvas for Beginners (1 day)

2023-Advanced Canvas (1 day)

Sharing my experience and resources to benefit students and teachers is important to me, and I'd love to be a part of your event or workshop! 


Trends (2011)

My article on exploring Choice-based art education was published in Texas Trends in  Art Education.

International Journal of Education Through Art (2022)

My review of Purtee and Sands' second book on teaching secondary students using Choice-Based Art Education (CBAE) was published in the International Journal of Education Through Art. 


Bridgeport ISD District-Wide Art Show


In 2010, my colleagues and I got together to found the annual Bridgeport District-wide Art Show. It has been a success ever since. We pack the space with over 1,500 artworks, art activities, and various musical guests. 

Co-Founders: Shaye Watson, Sherri Jones, Brooke Brei

All art show designs above Copyright Brooke Brei

Instructables: Teacher Spotlight

I was honored to be chosen for a spotlight article on Instructables in September of 2019.  Read the entire article with the link below. 

National Portfolio Day

Each year, I take my advanced students to National Portfolio Day where they get to speak to art school recruiters and get feedback on their work. On our way home, we stop by UNT to check out the campus and the art building. 

For more info on NPD, check out this video or click the link above. 

NAEA 21 Gaming Around Brooke Brei.mp4

Gaming Around

Through my NAEA 2021 presentation I'm excited to be able to share an authentic learning experience during which my students created their own tabletop games. Throughout this process they practiced skills in design, copyright, photo editing, digital drawing, and 3-D modeling, among others. 

Links in the presentation below will provide you with the actual lessons my students used as they worked through this process along with many other resources. 

If you use these resources with your own students, I'd love to see what they make! Feel free to tag me on Instagram or send me an email with any questions you may have. 

The presentation above has links to all the student lessons used in this project, but they are not able to be copied. If you'd like to view the lessons for information or to write your own version, use those links. 

If you would like to use my lessons as is, and making copies for your own students would be easier for you, please consider supporting me by buying me a coffee before using the link below. 

Student Artworks

On the Digital Fridge, you'll find student artworks throughout the year. The 2021 Digital Exhibition is Live! 

Below, you can also view the digital portfolios of some of our AP artists.

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